July 18, 2005

NO2ID's Pledge success!

Thank you all - what a success!

When I started this pledge, I hoped we could show the government the
depth and strength of feeling against their draconian ID system, and
begin to build a fund to fight a series of legal battles against it.
YOU have now done this - and more quickly than I ever dared hope.

Some of you have already asked exactly how the pledge is going to work,
and now that we have reached the 10,000 mark I hope you'll bear with me
while I explain in a little more detail what we (NO2ID) intend to do:

1) We shan't be asking you for your £10 until or unless the government
manages to pass the Identity Cards Bill. It is by no means certain that
they will be able to do this - and you can help us NOW to stop them*.
Once you send your money in, it would be administratively prohibitive
for us to refund it so we only want to ask for it once we are
absolutely sure that we are going to need it.

2) All funds that you send will be held in trust, in a seperate bank
account administered by an independent third party (a couple of law
firms have already offered their services). NO2ID will not mix your
pledges with campaign funds, i.e. every penny you give will go towards
fighting the Act in the courts, and supporting those who are fighting
the necessary legal battles.

3) It is just possible that even if the government do pass this Bill,
they may drop the current ID scheme - leaving the legislation on the
statute books. In this case, we shall still need to get the Act
repealed (it contains some very dangerous powers, even if they remain
dormant for a time) and so the fund will be used to pursue that end.

4) Once we have won utterly (no Bill, no ID scheme, no law sitting on
the statute books) then any monies remaining in the fund will be
dispersed - depending on how much is left - by either donating it to an
appropriate charity (we'll hold a vote on which one, should this ever
become necessary) or drafting a Bill, the aim of which is to inhibit
any future government from imposing compulsory registration and ID
cards on the people of the UK.

HOWEVER, this pledge does not end just because we have reached 10,000.
We know that many tens of thousands more will refuse to register, and
we still want to reach them and have them sign up before the closing
date of October 9th, the day before Parliament sits again in the
Autumn. The more of us that there are by then, the harder we make it
for them to proceed.

We shall also shortly be launching another pledge - one that you may be
highly motivated to promote.

Raising £100,000 in a little over a month from people who will refuse
to register for an ID card is astounding, but now we want to raise
£1,000,000 from people who - for whatever reason - feel they CAN'T
refuse to register, but who will wholeheartedly support those of us who
do. I know from the comments and direct mails [*please* don't write
expecting an answer, I simply can't handle the volume of mail] that
there are many people like this out there already.

I'll be notifying you of the URL for the new pledge shortly - DON'T
SIGN IT YOURSELF, but see if your friends, family and colleagues will
now back YOU up in your fight for our freedom and privacy.

*Finally, I said that there is something that you can do to help us
now. Don't forget that we are fighting hard to defeat the Bill so that
your pledge may not even be called in. Many of you have said that you'd
happily give more than £10, some have already seperately donated and
joined NO2ID. If you haven't done so already, please:

1) Sign our petition at http://www.no2id-petition.net and get others
to, too.

2) Donate to NO2ID - via Paypal from the front page of our website
http://www.no2id.net or by post (cheques payable to 'NO2ID') sent to
NO2ID, Box 412, 78 Marylebone High St, London W1U 5AP.

3) If you're able to give £15 or more or set up a regular payment,
please do become a member - we hope it will be the shortest
subscription that you ever make! Forms and bank details are available
online at http://www.no2id.net/getInvolved/join.php or by post from the
above address. If you send an SAE it will save campaign funds for our
ongoing essential work in Parliament, the media and across the country.

Thank you for your patience with this long e-mail, and my heartfelt
thanks for your commitment to fight this thing. Together, I am sure we
shall win.

In solidarity,

Phil Booth
National Coordinator, NO2ID


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